July 14, 2013 (Acreage Accrual)

Woot! We bought the adjoining two acreage parcels, bringing our land baron acreage (lol) total to 20. We’ve been eyeing the land ever since we bought this place one year ago. The one directly to the east of us has a prime building site, with a large, flat meadow where the deer love to eat and nap – our view from the east side of the house. We couldn’t imagine having a house over there, so when the owner renewed his efforts to sell of all of his land holdings (he’s a major land baron around here!), we decided that those lots would likely be among the first to sell, given they have nice building sites and lovely views. This was a lesson learned the hard way when we bought our K-wick house 25 years ago. We were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, with only a few houses around us. We had beautiful, unobstructed views to the north. Today – housing developments ate up every last bit of land and are even chewing up the hill behind us. Not going to happen at this house, not if we can help it.


We are overjoyed to see that a couple of the huge, old Ponderosa pines that burned last year – every last needle was brown and their trunks were black – now are greening up. New growth at the ends of the branches! There is hope.

The boys got to do a little bit of buck chasing this morning out in the meadow. Darwin seems to be feeling better and his stools have firmed up a bit. Didn’t eat this morning, but he was bouncing along on our morning acreage reconnoiter walk. I hope he’s okay – as is, lately we seem to be putting the foundation in for a new wing at the vet’s, and it’s getting old. 


June 23, 2013

Got up in the middle of the night to check out the moon, because this is supposedly the closest to earth that it will be in a long time. Not sure how long…months? years? centuries. Long, they say. Interesting that it is occurring at the same time as the summer solstice, is that unusual? Don’t know. Anyway, I got up to see what this moon would look like and !shazzam! it was so bright it hurt my eyes! Big, though not huge like a harvest moon, and full and bright white. Pretty cool.

Dale came by. He’s always entertaining and a font of knowledge. I’m not sure there isn’t anything he can’t do. I had this grand idea earlier this morning – to move the little shed to the other side of the garage and use it as a potting shed! I want to fix it up – put in a window by the door, maybe one on the end toward the house. Put in windowboxes full of flowers. A flagstone porch with a chair, so it will look like a little house next to the garden. How cute would that be? Anyway, David and I were pondering what it would take to do such a thing. I asked Dale and he’s like “Oh, simple. Put a brace there and there, and I can have it moved in an hour. !Shazzam! Damned good neighbor and friend.

Leftover pizza for lunch, bass from Dale’s last catch for dinner. I’m hungry.

I’m knitting a pillow for the couch out of leftover (of course) Cash Iroha. I’m not a fan of the square pillows. I want something to bolster my lower back – a bolster.

Oh! Dale mentioned that Tiger Woods and Bruce Willis have property in Suncadia. They are waiting for more hoity-toity neighbors to show up before they build. He also mentioned that Edgar Martinez had a home in Ellensburg. He built five other homes, all over 300 sq.ft. on the property, and then GAVE them all away, one to a handicapped neighbor he had in his ‘hood while growing up.

Laid out in the grass and watched the birds most of the afternoon. Life is good.

I got up in the middle of the night to take a moon picture. The moon was hiding behind a bank of clouds. However, I did hear rustling and chewing noises, and the quiet tick of hooves against rocks. There were a couple of deer grazing underneath the porch. I watched them for a while (what I could see – shadows moving against shadows) until they wandered down David’s trail, back to the creek.

June 22, 2013

Last weekend was busy. Jacob took the bus into Eburg on Saturday, and we did lots of chores.


Went to K-wick (lol) on Sunday.

This weekend we arrived to the sound of wee baby bluebirds over the porch. Oh, to have a webcam!

I put together a natural grass arrangement in the Tiffany-blue flowered vase for our bedroom. I’m really happy with it, after angsting over it for months. I went into Hobby Lobby a few days ago and decided that I really needed to just get ‘er done. I carried around a few decorative pieces, blue bobbles, twiney branches, then decided to go with things that looked real, because I knew David would like that best. And we’re both happy with it.
Dale is coming by in the morning to look at doing stage 2 of the landscaping. And the two dead Ponderosas are really, really dead. I will try to remember to ask Dale to pull them out now so we don’t have to look at them, and replace them in the fall when it’s cooler outside.

Finally have figured out what Darwin has been trying to communicate to us with his whining over the bone. (We’re slow.) He either wants us to throw it, or hide it! Now that we are trained to his bidding, he’s been happy putting us through our paces.

May 25, 2013

What a splendid day! David worked on a gutter downspout project, while I weeded all morning, then raked. I think a lot about mom when I do that, feeling that this aspect of her life (weeding, raking) has come full circle. I hate to weed in Kennewick; I could weed all day here.

We then went into town, and left the pups at home for a trial run of independence. First stop – the hardware store! Broom, whisk (a niftt brown-bristled whisk!), nails, skinny weeder thingy, pronged weeder thingy, a little sander tool, wood filler, leather gloves – it was so much fun! Then we went to the grocery store and bought a chicken for dinner tonight, a tri-tip for tomorrow night. Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.

David built a bluebird house, the first of many, I suspect. It’s very cute. We shall put it in the burned pine tomorrow morning.

Took pictures of the pups. Great fun. They were hams! Darwin preoccupied Cooper by doing some MMA fighting while I brushed out Cooper’s tail (which he has never let me do before). Thanks, Darbaby.

Dale and Marie stopped by to say hi. We talked about Umbrella Catalpa trees and flagstone, among other things. We’re going to visit with them tomorrow afternoon.




March 31

What a wonderful day! Sighted our first bluebirds (mountain bluebirds), a persistent visitor with a low chirp. Gray on the belly and a florescent turquoise blue body. When it flies in in the sunlight it is almost blinding in its brilliance.

The landscaping is perfect. There is a grouping of three bird baths (dog bowls! say Cooper and Darwin) and is charming in its placement.
Ha ha!

Dale has a sense of whimsy in his soul, and we were tickled to see his table and chairs arrangement on the protected side of the house. Very clever.

We went to Fred Meyer today and I had to buy a few plants so I could get my hands and feet dirty playing in the dirt. The landscaping was begging for color.

Dale and Marie are coming over for dinner (our first Eburg foray into socializing at our home!). We are going to ask Dale to put in some bushes/flowers. I’m so excited – both for dinner and more color.

Oh, and we named the house – Nest.ImageImage