July 13, 2012 (Bad Weed)

And I’m not talking about marijuana! Seems that since last weekend our property has been overrun by the dread napweed. We’d never seen it before, hadn’t noticed it even though I had eyed it in our Northwest Weeds book. But then visiting neighbors mentioned “did you know you have napweed at the end of your driveway?” WHAT!? So, after they showed us the nasty weed we started seeing it everywhere, like it had sprung out of the earth at the mere mention of its name. It takes advantage of areas that have been disturbed, and given the amount of landscaping we’ve had done and all of the various earth-moving machines rumbling around the property, I guess it comes as no surprise.


The 10 acres in back of us is awash in the stuff, probably due to the disturbance caused by cleanup of the “home site” after the fire. It couldn’t truly be called a home – more of an oddball hut and viewing platform. If there was one benefit of the fire, it was the removal of that eyesore. Hopefully the landowner will mow the acreage to help avoid seed spread.

Darwin has been sick. He has had to go outside about every 2 hours. He’s a pretty blue fellow, and has been since last Thursday night. I think, maybe, it was a bad reaction to the heartworm medication I gave him on the 10th. It’s a new brand. I’ll have to check the side effects when we get back to K-wick. Either that or it’s a partial bowel obstruction, which won’t be good. He has been very listless – he pooped out on our afternoon walk and I had to carry him for a bit. I haven’t had to do that since he was a little puppy. We had to take the scissors to all of the gorgeous long hair on his backside because clean up was becoming a chore that none of us relished.

Guess what? The wind didn’t blow! Which means that these weren’t moving (much). Beautiful sunset.

turbines at sunset