July 27, 2013 (First Creek Hike)

Do you ever wonder who names things? Have you ever thought “I could come up with wonderful names for streets and creeks and things! Where does one apply for such a position?” Case in point: First Creek. Why “First?” It certainly isn’t the first creek past the Hwy 970/97 interchange. It’s the second, just past Swauk Creek (Swauk? Why not…Bluebird Creek? or Idyll Glen Brook? See! I could do so much better than…Swauk.)

Anyway, back to the beginning of the day. Neighbors came by in the early morning to sign paperwork for the land deal. I was a proper housefrau and served coffee and Sweet Potato Pie bread. I must really like these folks, eh?

We headed up to hike the First Creek forest road with the pups midmorning. It was a warm morning, but there was a nice, cool breeze that made the 5-mile hike manageable. We stopped every 20 minutes or so to give them water. Darwin dashed from shady spot to shady spot in the road to cool off. Cooper was a trouper, as usual. Darwin found an elk leg. They wandered through weeds.


I found butterflies – a Western Tiger Swallowtail


and dozens of Zerene Fritillaries.


(Isn’t Frittilary a darling name? And don’t you wish that the butterfly was still called a flutterby? Butterfly namers should work for the geographic naming things department.)

The pups were hot and hired, so we took a side trail near the bottom of the hike, and Cooper did what he loves to do best on a hot summer’s day.


We then came home, ate a quick lunch, and took a short nap.



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