June 23, 2013

Got up in the middle of the night to check out the moon, because this is supposedly the closest to earth that it will be in a long time. Not sure how long…months? years? centuries. Long, they say. Interesting that it is occurring at the same time as the summer solstice, is that unusual? Don’t know. Anyway, I got up to see what this moon would look like and !shazzam! it was so bright it hurt my eyes! Big, though not huge like a harvest moon, and full and bright white. Pretty cool.

Dale came by. He’s always entertaining and a font of knowledge. I’m not sure there isn’t anything he can’t do. I had this grand idea earlier this morning – to move the little shed to the other side of the garage and use it as a potting shed! I want to fix it up – put in a window by the door, maybe one on the end toward the house. Put in windowboxes full of flowers. A flagstone porch with a chair, so it will look like a little house next to the garden. How cute would that be? Anyway, David and I were pondering what it would take to do such a thing. I asked Dale and he’s like “Oh, simple. Put a brace there and there, and I can have it moved in an hour. !Shazzam! Damned good neighbor and friend.

Leftover pizza for lunch, bass from Dale’s last catch for dinner. I’m hungry.

I’m knitting a pillow for the couch out of leftover (of course) Cash Iroha. I’m not a fan of the square pillows. I want something to bolster my lower back – a bolster.

Oh! Dale mentioned that Tiger Woods and Bruce Willis have property in Suncadia. They are waiting for more hoity-toity neighbors to show up before they build. He also mentioned that Edgar Martinez had a home in Ellensburg. He built five other homes, all over 300 sq.ft. on the property, and then GAVE them all away, one to a handicapped neighbor he had in his ‘hood while growing up.

Laid out in the grass and watched the birds most of the afternoon. Life is good.

I got up in the middle of the night to take a moon picture. The moon was hiding behind a bank of clouds. However, I did hear rustling and chewing noises, and the quiet tick of hooves against rocks. There were a couple of deer grazing underneath the porch. I watched them for a while (what I could see – shadows moving against shadows) until they wandered down David’s trail, back to the creek.


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