June 22, 2013

Last weekend was busy. Jacob took the bus into Eburg on Saturday, and we did lots of chores.


Went to K-wick (lol) on Sunday.

This weekend we arrived to the sound of wee baby bluebirds over the porch. Oh, to have a webcam!

I put together a natural grass arrangement in the Tiffany-blue flowered vase for our bedroom. I’m really happy with it, after angsting over it for months. I went into Hobby Lobby a few days ago and decided that I really needed to just get ‘er done. I carried around a few decorative pieces, blue bobbles, twiney branches, then decided to go with things that looked real, because I knew David would like that best. And we’re both happy with it.
Dale is coming by in the morning to look at doing stage 2 of the landscaping. And the two dead Ponderosas are really, really dead. I will try to remember to ask Dale to pull them out now so we don’t have to look at them, and replace them in the fall when it’s cooler outside.

Finally have figured out what Darwin has been trying to communicate to us with his whining over the bone. (We’re slow.) He either wants us to throw it, or hide it! Now that we are trained to his bidding, he’s been happy putting us through our paces.


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