July 4, 2013 (Ingall’s Creek Hike)

Happy Independence Day! We are going to Anacortes tomorrow to do some antique shopping (with the Mini? seriously?), so we didn’t bring the pups. I’m sure they are less than thrilled.

We hiked about 3 miles of the Ingall’s Creek hike (6 miles total), up on the other side of Blewett Pass. I think it’s my favorite hike from a fun standpoint. It doesn’t have the views of Summerland, but it’s a really, really pleasant hike. I’m renaming it the Abandoned Arboretum hike because of the huge amount of trees and flowers.



The trail is nicely kept up, but not fussy like some of the larger national parks. Elevation gain is fairly minimal. I only had to stop a couple of times to take a breather, and those only for a few seconds. I’d rate it a 2/3 on the difficulty scale. There are some beautiful views of the busy Ingall’s River.



Lots of huge rockfalls. We had to traverse a couple, but those had a nice trail through them. Much better than crossing skree wondering if the entire hillside was going to let loose!

Butterflies were all over the place. Purple ones, and little red, orange and black ones, and big white and black ones. Couldn’t find any of them in the insect book. Pffft. (Update: Bought a new butterfly book, and I think the flutterbys were pine whites, checkerspots, and acmon blues.


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