May 26, 2013

More weeding this morning. Took a hike down to the creek and the dogs played in the water. Darwin has gone from crossing the stream only when he must, to walking up the stream because he can. What a difference a year makes!

It has been a rain-sun day. A few minutes ago the sun was shining, and now the temperature has dropped probably 20 degrees and a cold win and rain are pushing in from the west.

Alan Anderson is building an airstrip! We’ve wondered what in the world was going on over there, and Dale filled us in that it is an actual airstrip for his remote-controlled plane. Serious boys and toys syndrome.

David finished the bluebird house and we put it in the burned pine. It’s lovely. So lovely that within 2 hours it was being inspected for occupancy! I’m thrilled for David – this validation of his hard work. Now papa bluebird is trying to convince mama bluebird to move. She won’t even look, just sits on a branch with her back turned away. He’s all a-twitter because it’s ultramodern and brand new. She’s upset because it’s unfurnished, and look at how hard they’ve worked to decorate their current home. And to make matters even more complicated, a Tanager realtor is eyeing it for her new digs. Whatever will happen? Whoever will move in? Tune in next week to find out who wins the battle over the new apartment.



(The birdhouse is right there, in that burned tree. See it?)

We’ve had a number of discussions about taking a chance and retiring so we can be here full time. If Lana gets the job in Dillon I suspect that might be the impetus to make it happen, healthcare and pension and finances be damned!


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