May 25, 2013

What a splendid day! David worked on a gutter downspout project, while I weeded all morning, then raked. I think a lot about mom when I do that, feeling that this aspect of her life (weeding, raking) has come full circle. I hate to weed in Kennewick; I could weed all day here.

We then went into town, and left the pups at home for a trial run of independence. First stop – the hardware store! Broom, whisk (a niftt brown-bristled whisk!), nails, skinny weeder thingy, pronged weeder thingy, a little sander tool, wood filler, leather gloves – it was so much fun! Then we went to the grocery store and bought a chicken for dinner tonight, a tri-tip for tomorrow night. Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.

David built a bluebird house, the first of many, I suspect. It’s very cute. We shall put it in the burned pine tomorrow morning.

Took pictures of the pups. Great fun. They were hams! Darwin preoccupied Cooper by doing some MMA fighting while I brushed out Cooper’s tail (which he has never let me do before). Thanks, Darbaby.

Dale and Marie stopped by to say hi. We talked about Umbrella Catalpa trees and flagstone, among other things. We’re going to visit with them tomorrow afternoon.





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