May 24, 2013

I have been so remiss in writing, but weekends seem to fly by, and last weekend I stayed home to feed the animals, since Lana went to Portland to spend time with Chelsea.

Plants have grown so tall! For the past few weeks the plants are taller than Darwin, and he has to stop and peer over them to see where he is/where he is going.

I didn’t mention before, but a couple of weeks ago we found an albino lupine up by the intersection of Indian/ERR.

We have a pair of bluebirds nesting in the eaves over the front door. We are tickled, as we had decided to name the house “Nest,” and it truly is a nest for one of my favorite birds. Today we put up a bird feeder, with stations for finches and larger birds. We also spotted a Western Tanager, lovely in shades of red, yellow, and black. A deer or two wandered through while we were gone, but didn’t appear to eat anything of import. The lavender David had planted are fine, along with the sages, chives, and mint, and my nasturtiums. Image



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