March 31

What a wonderful day! Sighted our first bluebirds (mountain bluebirds), a persistent visitor with a low chirp. Gray on the belly and a florescent turquoise blue body. When it flies in in the sunlight it is almost blinding in its brilliance.

The landscaping is perfect. There is a grouping of three bird baths (dog bowls! say Cooper and Darwin) and is charming in its placement.
Ha ha!

Dale has a sense of whimsy in his soul, and we were tickled to see his table and chairs arrangement on the protected side of the house. Very clever.

We went to Fred Meyer today and I had to buy a few plants so I could get my hands and feet dirty playing in the dirt. The landscaping was begging for color.

Dale and Marie are coming over for dinner (our first Eburg foray into socializing at our home!). We are going to ask Dale to put in some bushes/flowers. I’m so excited – both for dinner and more color.

Oh, and we named the house – Nest.ImageImage


One thought on “March 31

  1. Kristen says:

    Love the pink flowers! They are out of Dr. Suess. Your home and land is beautiful. Enjoy!

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