May 26, 2013

More weeding this morning. Took a hike down to the creek and the dogs played in the water. Darwin has gone from crossing the stream only when he must, to walking up the stream because he can. What a difference a year makes!

It has been a rain-sun day. A few minutes ago the sun was shining, and now the temperature has dropped probably 20 degrees and a cold win and rain are pushing in from the west.

Alan Anderson is building an airstrip! We’ve wondered what in the world was going on over there, and Dale filled us in that it is an actual airstrip for his remote-controlled plane. Serious boys and toys syndrome.

David finished the bluebird house and we put it in the burned pine. It’s lovely. So lovely that within 2 hours it was being inspected for occupancy! I’m thrilled for David – this validation of his hard work. Now papa bluebird is trying to convince mama bluebird to move. She won’t even look, just sits on a branch with her back turned away. He’s all a-twitter because it’s ultramodern and brand new. She’s upset because it’s unfurnished, and look at how hard they’ve worked to decorate their current home. And to make matters even more complicated, a Tanager realtor is eyeing it for her new digs. Whatever will happen? Whoever will move in? Tune in next week to find out who wins the battle over the new apartment.



(The birdhouse is right there, in that burned tree. See it?)

We’ve had a number of discussions about taking a chance and retiring so we can be here full time. If Lana gets the job in Dillon I suspect that might be the impetus to make it happen, healthcare and pension and finances be damned!


May 25, 2013

What a splendid day! David worked on a gutter downspout project, while I weeded all morning, then raked. I think a lot about mom when I do that, feeling that this aspect of her life (weeding, raking) has come full circle. I hate to weed in Kennewick; I could weed all day here.

We then went into town, and left the pups at home for a trial run of independence. First stop – the hardware store! Broom, whisk (a niftt brown-bristled whisk!), nails, skinny weeder thingy, pronged weeder thingy, a little sander tool, wood filler, leather gloves – it was so much fun! Then we went to the grocery store and bought a chicken for dinner tonight, a tri-tip for tomorrow night. Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.

David built a bluebird house, the first of many, I suspect. It’s very cute. We shall put it in the burned pine tomorrow morning.

Took pictures of the pups. Great fun. They were hams! Darwin preoccupied Cooper by doing some MMA fighting while I brushed out Cooper’s tail (which he has never let me do before). Thanks, Darbaby.

Dale and Marie stopped by to say hi. We talked about Umbrella Catalpa trees and flagstone, among other things. We’re going to visit with them tomorrow afternoon.




May 24, 2013

I have been so remiss in writing, but weekends seem to fly by, and last weekend I stayed home to feed the animals, since Lana went to Portland to spend time with Chelsea.

Plants have grown so tall! For the past few weeks the plants are taller than Darwin, and he has to stop and peer over them to see where he is/where he is going.

I didn’t mention before, but a couple of weeks ago we found an albino lupine up by the intersection of Indian/ERR.

We have a pair of bluebirds nesting in the eaves over the front door. We are tickled, as we had decided to name the house “Nest,” and it truly is a nest for one of my favorite birds. Today we put up a bird feeder, with stations for finches and larger birds. We also spotted a Western Tanager, lovely in shades of red, yellow, and black. A deer or two wandered through while we were gone, but didn’t appear to eat anything of import. The lavender David had planted are fine, along with the sages, chives, and mint, and my nasturtiums. Image


April 14, 2013

The day dawned beautifully, with blue skies and only a pocket or two of snow here and there, while the north-facing hills across from us are snow-covered. We figured out that our slopes get more sun and are therefore warmer, hence the snow melts. Planning on a hike up the canyon this morning. David wishes the kids would show up. I do, too, but I suspect they won’t.

Lupines are about ready to bloom, and the balsam root aren’t far behind. The next few weeks should be spectacular! When we are hiking everything smells so green and fresh. It reminds me of riding in the hills when I was young.

April 13, 2013

So, here we are, the snow-slush is pounding against the windows, and two of our beloved children are camping at higher elevations with their…beloved and hopefully beloved. We are warm and snug here in our home wishing the best for all of them.

Earlier today we drove up to where they were/are camping, curious to what the weather was like (snowing! snowing!).  We went beyond their campsite, up further into the hills and hiked. Caught some bizarre little leechiginous life  forms that clung to Darwin and me, a big stumpy thing that dad (had to) haul back, and a couple of branches with promise as curtain rods.

Purely out of curiosity we drove through the campground, they weren’t there. Continued down the road and (voila!) passed all of the expected cars in convoy with a wave from Lana. If she was another ilk, it might’ve been a finger.  Were we intruding? Questionably. But we were…hiking! And it was windy where we lived, and only snowing like a banshee where they were. Choices, choices. But we didn’t do the creepy parent thing and turn around. No, we went home and talked, and walked, and cooked and wondered if we would have a convoy of cold, wet Marines and their girlfriends come calling, looking for shelter and hot apple pie.

So far, no go, so we hope they are all bonding in a cocoon of youth, warmth, and adventure.

March 31

What a wonderful day! Sighted our first bluebirds (mountain bluebirds), a persistent visitor with a low chirp. Gray on the belly and a florescent turquoise blue body. When it flies in in the sunlight it is almost blinding in its brilliance.

The landscaping is perfect. There is a grouping of three bird baths (dog bowls! say Cooper and Darwin) and is charming in its placement.
Ha ha!

Dale has a sense of whimsy in his soul, and we were tickled to see his table and chairs arrangement on the protected side of the house. Very clever.

We went to Fred Meyer today and I had to buy a few plants so I could get my hands and feet dirty playing in the dirt. The landscaping was begging for color.

Dale and Marie are coming over for dinner (our first Eburg foray into socializing at our home!). We are going to ask Dale to put in some bushes/flowers. I’m so excited – both for dinner and more color.

Oh, and we named the house – Nest.ImageImage